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All Vooray products are covered with a minimum 30 day limited warranty for manufacturer defects.  Specific details by category are below. 

Vooray Apparel

All clothing and apparel items have a 30 day manufacturer defect warranty.  We cover defects from the design or manufacturing process.  The warranty does not cover regular, everyday wear and tear.  That gives your clothes character.  

Vooray Watches

All watches have a full 6 month warranty for defects related to the watch movement and/or battery. The warranty does not cover regular, daily wear and tear on the watch.  

Vooray Bags

All bags have a 1 year limited warranty for any defects related to the structure and functionality of the bag. This includes straps, zippers and the functionality of the bag.  The warranty does not cover everyday wear and tear of the bag.  


Please email with any other warranty related questions!