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    Vooray News

    How Do We Determine if Our Bag is Ready for You?

    We are always striving to create the best gym bag for an unbeatable price. To get there, we don't cut any corners. Each bag is meticulously tested to make sure that when it gets to you, it will become your ultimate active-life companion.

    First thing's first - we test for functionality.perfectbag2

    We put our products to use to measure comfort, quality and performance. We want to be sure that we can stand behind our products 100% of the way.
    Have you ever received a bag that claimed it could fit a 13" laptop and did not deliver? We sure have. We refuse to be that company. We check (and re-check) that all of the features of our bags are in full functioning order before they are put into production.

    Next step - we test for durability.


    There are a number of ways that these tests take place. Between testing materials, like our waterproof bases shown in the photo above, we also test for things like smell (how well our vents are performing), and weight (how much weight is full-capacity). These tests are SO IMPORTANT in helping us determine whether our bag is ready for you.

    Last, but certainly not least - we make sure your bag will look amazing.


    There are plenty of 'almost-perfect' bags - functional, durable, and at a great price, but completely lacking style. But - our goal is always to create the perfect bag - style included. To achieve that, we go through countless avenues of market research - between researching trends and talking to you (our customers) to see which prints and styles you will love. 
    There is nothing we love more than signing off a product that has been tried, tested and proven worthy of your #EverydayHustle! Say hello to your new companion!

    What's in our gym bag?

    What's in our gym bag?

    We consider ourselves experts in the 'gym-bag creating' industry. So, you might wonder, what are our gym bag essentials? The go-to items that we need stocked in our bag 100% of the time? WE ARE HERE FOR THE BIG REVEAL!

    Our first essential - a good pair of sneaks. We like to have a separate pair that we keep in our bag designated for the gym.

    Chapstick, hair ties & a good (cold) water bottle are basic items that EVERYONE needs in their gym bag, all the time. We throw in some chewing gum as well for good measure. And if you are hitting it hard, it is always good to have a sweat towel close by.

    We are only human, and we don't always have time to hit the showers, so we stay fully stocked with some cleansing, deodorizing wipes & dry shampoo to freshen up post workout. 

    We keep a few makeup essentials, keys & wallet in our Sidekick. (BEST THING EVER.)

    Because nobody wants to walk out in sweaty gym clothes, we always keep a clean tank in our bag so we can walk out of the gym feelin' fresh! And no need to worry about stinking up your gym bag, we always keep a travel size odor removal on hand to kill the stench. 

    We would get seriously hangry without our post-gym snack. You will ALWAYS find one in our gym bag.

    Our absolute FAVORITE bag choice for gym is the Burner Gym Duffel. Small enough to tote around (and stick in those pesky gym lockers) but large enough to carry all of the essentials. 

     Now get out there and slay your #EverydayHustle! 



    The FINAL DAY of our 12 Days of Vooray Giveaways is here! DAY 12 is for the FIT FOODIES out there who are always looking to stock up on healthy bites to eat! We wanted to share some of our favorites with you. We are not nutritional experts, but these are snacks that we can enjoy without feeling guilty. 

    We have included our ACE BACKPACK in Tropic Stripe to help you on your daily adventures and to hold all of your goodies along the way! 

    These VEA MINI BARS in Thai Coconut are AMAZING. We will take coconut anything so these are top on our list! 

    POWER UP TRAIL MIX comes next. We are big on trail mixes, and love that this is all natural, and includes nuts and dried fruit. Perfect for a quick snack to give you energy and power you through your day!

    We are OBSESSED with LA CROIX sparkling water. We love that we can have the carbonation and fun flavors without all of the sugar and extra nonsense that gets put in so many beverages. We truly have not tried a flavor that we didn't like, and that is saying something! 

    ALMONDS are an excellent snack to have on hand, and we love the Honey Roasted flavor the most. (:

    We are huge suckers for anything chocolate - it is our BIGGEST temptation . We were SO EXCITED when we discovered BARK THINS Snacking chocolate. Our favorite flavor is dark chocolate almond with sea salt, and it is even better than it sounds. 

    VEGETABLE CHIPS are a staple in our house, they are a great and delicious alternative to the standard potato chip and taste amazing! Great for a snack or a side. 

    The holidays are full of sweets and treats so we like to keep some healthy options around to keep us on track! Want to try these favorites of ours? Enter to win on Instagram! This giveaway will run ALL DAY (December 12) and close at 11:59 PM PST. US only and must be 18 years or older to enter.



    DAY 11 is here of our 12 Days of Vooray Giveaways. Today is all about GIVING. This time of year, everyone has an extra hop in their step and is feeling jolly- which is one of the many reasons that we love it so! Who doesn't love an extra dose of holiday spirit?! We want to help you SPREAD THE JOY, so we are taking a different turn with today's giveaway. Today if you are chosen as the winner, you will give us the name & address of someone who needs a cup of holiday cheer and we will send the package directly to them!

    This package includes one of our favorite new bags -- the ROADIE GYM DUFFEL in Quilted Black Nylon. It is beautiful and sleek and can go with anything! Our Roadies are one of our top selling bags for their simple design, high quality material and versatility. Whether they will use this for the gym, travel or a day trip this will be their go-to bag.

    Our friends over at CHAT BOOKS have included $100 towards their custom photo books to help create memories that can last forever. We love that these are so simple and quick to create (and can be automatically generated).

    Also included - the MOTHER LOAD of gift cards -- $50 from VOORAY, $25 from STARBUCKS, and $20 from ITUNES. And if that wasn't enough, we've also included a $50 VISA gift card for them to spend wherever they would like! 

    If you were to ask us, it just isn't the holidays without some chocolate - so naturally, we had to include some. Some of our staples -- GHIRADELLI Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut (YUM), and LINDT Milk Chocolate Truffles (mellllllt).

    You can't give a cup of cheer without giving a cute HOLIDAY MUG, so we have included one of those as well. (: This prize is sure to give a smile to someone who needs it most! 

    Do you have someone in mind already? Go hop on over to our Instagram and enter! This giveaway will run ALL DAY (December 11) and will close at 11:59 PST. US Only and must be 18 years or older to enter.

    Check back in tomorrow for DAY 12 of our 12 Days of Vooray Giveaways.



    DAY 10 is here of our 12 Days of Vooray Giveaways! Today's prize is for those who love the dim lights and loud music - sweating and climbing (on wheels) while listening to Sia. Today is for the CYCLE ENTHUSIAST. We wanted to make today ALL ABOUT THE BIKE so we have included a prize pack perfect for someone who would like to start from scratch OR upgrade their cycle game! 

    We have included our BURNER GYM in Snow Hex for this package. We love this clean new print and how it can be paired with any accessory. Our Burner Gym is one of our most popular choices with its size (perfect for a quick trip to the gym), shoe pocket, and extra features like our FAVORITE magnetic handles.

    These CYCLE SHOES are EVERYTHING. They come from our friends at Tiem Athletics and we are just in love. They are specifically designed for use on the bike and are the PERFECT addition to your cycle game. They come equipped with an SPD CLEAT SET so you will be ready to roll! 

    If you have been to a cycle class already - you know how necessary a water bottle is. This Healthy Human Life WATER BOTTLE will keep your water cold and keep you hydrated during your class! 

    We have also included a pair of CYCLE SOCKS to compliment your shoe ensemble and keep your feet cozy while on your bike.

    A CYCLE SEAT is included in this package to keep your tush nice and cozy. (If you are just getting started, you will appreciate this extra cushion, TRUST US.) A sore cycle tush is no fun, so we will try to avoid that at all costs!

    LAST, but not the least, is a SWEAT TOWEL. Cycling will make you sweat, a lot - a lot a lot. In fact, we never knew how much we could sweat until we started cycle classes. The towel is a key component to this equation!

    Now all you need to do is hop on over to our Instagram and ENTER. This giveaway will stay open ALL DAY (December 10) and will close at 11:59 PST. US Only and must be 18 years or older to enter.

    Check back here tomorrow for DAY 11 of our 12 Days of Vooray Giveaways.