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What's in our gym bag?

What's in our gym bag?

We consider ourselves experts in the 'gym-bag creating' industry. So, you might wonder, what are our gym bag essentials? The go-to items that we need stocked in our bag 100% of the time? WE ARE HERE FOR THE BIG REVEAL!

Our first essential - a good pair of sneaks. We like to have a separate pair that we keep in our bag designated for the gym.

Chapstick, hair ties & a good (cold) water bottle are basic items that EVERYONE needs in their gym bag, all the time. We throw in some chewing gum as well for good measure. And if you are hitting it hard, it is always good to have a sweat towel close by.

We are only human, and we don't always have time to hit the showers, so we stay fully stocked with some cleansing, deodorizing wipes & dry shampoo to freshen up post workout. 

We keep a few makeup essentials, keys & wallet in our Sidekick. (BEST THING EVER.)

Because nobody wants to walk out in sweaty gym clothes, we always keep a clean tank in our bag so we can walk out of the gym feelin' fresh! And no need to worry about stinking up your gym bag, we always keep a travel size odor removal on hand to kill the stench. 

We would get seriously hangry without our post-gym snack. You will ALWAYS find one in our gym bag.

Our absolute FAVORITE bag choice for gym is the Burner Gym Duffel. Small enough to tote around (and stick in those pesky gym lockers) but large enough to carry all of the essentials. 

 Now get out there and slay your #EverydayHustle! 

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