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Vooray Challenge #1


What's the Vooray Challenge?

Each month, Vooray presents a workout challenge to its fans to spice up their fitness routines. Participants have one month to complete the challenge, which may require weekly or even daily commitments. At the end of each month, Vooray will select a winner who has successfully completed the challenge and posted evidence on Instagram using the #vooraychallenge hashtag. The prizes each month will vary depending on how difficult the challenge is to complete.

Vooray Challenge #1 - August 2016

The Vooray Challenge for August will be a weekly workout routine that you can incorporate into your regular workout plan. Once a week, participants will complete the workout below, take a post-workout selfie using the #vooraychallenge tag, and post it to their Instagram feed. While there are 5 weeks in August, participants only need to complete the workout 4 times throughout the month (so you can take a break for one of the weeks). The selected winner will receive a $100 Vooray gift card.

Here is Mike Fox, one of Vooray's product designers, explaining the workout:

So that's it, folks! To help with the challenge this month, Vooray is including a FREE jumprope with every Burner Duffel Bag. Get yours today, and join us for Vooray's first challenge! 

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