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Mona-Jane Hannemann | Fit Mama | Nature Lover


Hometown: Phoeniz, AZ

Instagram: @rocamoon

For those of us who use the "I've got kiddos" excuse to let our healthy habits fall by the wayside, meet Mona-Jane Hannemann. Mona has built a successful Instagram following by promoting a healthy balance between parental duties and her love for fitness. We caught up with her in Arizona to find out more about how she keeps in all straight. And you're going to love her holiday workout:)

What motivates you to stay so active and fit?

This has changed in small ways over the years. I always like a challenge and pushing my limits to see what I'm capable of. But at this stage of my life I ultimately do it for my family. I want to be able to keep up with the energetic little monkeys, I want to be able to play with them and be hands on, and experience life with them, next to them, instead of just watching them. It also simply makes me feel gooood! It gives me energy in many different aspects, and makes me a happier and more positive person to be around. My day feels incomplete if I haven't sweat or puffed!

If you could only do one exercise for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

If you mean exercise activity it would be surfing, because there is nothing like the feeling of riding a wave. If you mean a specific exercise move it would probably be a burpee because its such a good full body exercise (lets be honest though its more of a love/hate relationship).

What exercise do you just hate?

Hate is a strong word haha, but i certainly never like doing bicep specific workouts. As much as people say lifting weights doesn’t make woman bulky. When I do something like a bicep curl i feel super bulky and manly haha. But thats just me.. some people love them. I like to do arm workouts that do use the bicep but don’t isolate it specifically. I find that way it still gets enough to tone but not to bulge too much. 

When you hit the gym, what do you always have in your gym bag?

That is a great question! I don’t really hit the gym, nor do I even own a gym bag haha. But if I did I would probably have my hydroflask with lemon water for a refresher after! Also my phone so that i can watch youtube videos or read random stuff while I’m on the treadmill or something so I don’t get bored ha.  

Who are some of your heroes and why?

This is a hard one, I feel like I’m inspired by a lot of people and not necessarily obsessed with any one person. But I would say my oldest brother (8 years older) has been someone Ive always looked up to for many reasons. Though he is a natural at many things, he has a lot of qualities and talents that I aspired to have since I was young. I was always trying to hangout with him and would tag along on runs and things he would go on haha. He has always been a hard worker and determined to do his best in whatever it was! I love that he is always down to try something new and makes the most of every opportunity or experience he comes across, including the people he meets along the way.  There is a lot I could say, but he is such a solid guy. Always been true to his values no matter what it was, even if it meant he missed out on something, only to be blessed even more. And I think that is something that a lot of people struggle to do especially with the pressures of others and just the world in general. He has been my number 1 adventure and workout buddy! whatever it was he is always keen. He has been an example Iv looked to many times, and am inspired by his mindset to have goals, do the hard yards, stick it to the gun, push through the struggles, keeping his word and keeping his mind set on the end goal but enjoying the journey at the same time. 

One other I have been inspired by since I was a young girl, like 5 years old is my good friends mum, Aunty Sonia. For as long as Iv known her she has been active and fit and fun and able to do so many things as if she was still in her early 20s! She is another that Iv followed and seen her determination and self motivation to do things even if it was her alone. She didn’t bother to wait around for anyone or let them hold her back.  She was a great example of always challenging herself, but at the same time she was so fun and was always motivating people to get out and active, and never seemed restrictive in the things she did, always enjoying life. Though she was super active and worked out she was more than just a fitness junkie, she resembled a healthy balanced lifestyle. As in if she wanted ice-cream she had it. She worked a regular job, and always worked hard. She gardened, she served others, she served in the community. She was an awesome mother, provider, and wife. She always looks presentable and never did anything half pie. After many years of knowing her, just 2 years ago, i believe she was in her 50s? She competed an ironman! I don’t think I have even been more motivated or inspired to do one myself. And after talking to her about preparing for it I was even more moved. It is a hard thing not only to do period, but even just training for. Everyday, for a year, early hours of the morning before work. She told me you have to want it and be prepared to dedicate everything to it because you are the only one that is gonna make yourself do it. Her determination, self motivation, yet down to earth personality is always something in the back of my mind whenever I wanna just give-up, or be lazy. But it is so true, we are the captains of our own ship, and ultimately ourselves are what determine the outcome. When theres a will there is a way. 

What's your most embarrassing experience in the gym or working out?

Probably when I tripped over my feet and fell on the conveyor belt of the treadmill and then off the back haha. Like something you see on a youtube fail reel haha.

Mona's Bonus Holiday Workout

1 Minute of Each Exercise, 45 Second Rest in Between, Repeat 3 Times

Full Pushup Burpee

Crucifix Ab Twist 

Mountain Climber Pushup (4 runs for every 1 pushup)

Round the World Lunges


Jump Lunges


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