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A Message from Vooray & Gold Elite CEO's

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The IWD Duffel

Boldly designed to honor the women of yesterday and inspire the women of tomorrow, our International Women's Day Duffel was designed 100% by women. In partnership with Gold Elite, an entirely female-owned company, we made this bag to empower and encourage women to be their best selves. This bag was made by women, for women. Keep reading for statements from both Dan Rigby, CEO of Vooray and Cory Chipp, CEO of Gold Elite.

Dan Rigby

Vooray would not exist without the women working and running this company. I might be the CEO but I can’t take any credit for the success of what Vooray is and what it is becoming. It has been the combined effort of everyone who works here and everyone who supports us.
When it comes to women who have impacted my life personally, my wife has been more than a partner in all of it. She has been my example and leader through all of this. She continually amazes me at her strength and leadership and has done it all while taking care of our 4 kids.
When you look at our employees, you see that 64% of them are women. On top of that, we have more than 50% of our management team that are women. They set the pace for this company and it’s a pace the rest of us can’t compete with. Without them, we wouldn’t have the successful team that we do. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to work alongside such amazing women that truly are powerful.

Cory Chipp

Gold Elite is 100% Women Owned. As women, mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends we strive to empower women through our community of Gold Girls. We want all women that are finding themselves through experiences and challenges to feel strong and supported.
As a women owned company we truly strive to create an open, flexible, and supported work environment. We have a nurturing atmosphere toward each other and our children’s needs. Gold Elite is understanding of motherhood and embracing it in the professional business world. We create our collections to highlight and appreciate what women mean to us.
We hope to continue building a community that will inspire and uplift others as it has us. We, as women, want to pursue this pace to keep creating and motivating those around us.

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  • Lamika Thomas on

    How can I purchase Iwd bag ? Don’t see it on the site

  • Lamika Thomas on

    How can I purchase Iwd bag ? Don’t see it on the site

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