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How was Vooray Born?

How was Vooray Born?

One question we get asked frequently is how our story began. Like most stories, ours has been a journey. We began specializing in clothing, specifically tees and hats - but it never really felt like the right 'fit' (no pun intended). Early in 2015 we had an epiphany. We had a need for a new gym bag, so we set out on a quest.


If someone had told us at that point that we would eventually specialize in fitness bags and accessories, we would have laughed! But what our search helped us realize was that there was a HUGE gap in the market. There were several "premium" athletic bags with outrageous price points.


The bags were okay quality and they were well designed, but we could not get over their expensive price tag. So we continued our search, looking at bags that were more affordable. What we found was not much better.


The quality of the 'affordable' bags was poor, and the designs/styles were not much better. We realized that if we really wanted to find the perfect gym bag - we were going to have to create it ourselves.


In the Fall of 2015 we released our first line of bags, the Roadie Gym Duffel & Trepic Weekender. They immediately became our top selling products and our main focus. We had filled a void that had been empty for so long and there was so much more that we could do. We eventually stopped making clothing altogether so we could throw all of our energy into our bags. 


From our original two lines, we have added dozens of new bags to our assortment, and we have plans to launch several more new lines this year. We've developed such a passion for performance and design, and we can't wait to show you all what we've been working on for the past year! Stay tuned! The next lines drop in less than a month!

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