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At Vooray, we truly believe mental health is just as important as our physical health. During this unprecedented time, with our schedules changed and normalcy shaken, it can be difficult to nurture our mental health. We reached out to Amanda E. White, LPC, for tips on how to maintain self care during this time. 


How can we maintain self care during quarantine?

"My best advice right now is for everyone to offer themselves compassion. Many people confuse self compassion with “letting themselves off the hook” and this is not the same. You can offer yourself compassion and do things to take care of yourself. Ironically, being kind and compassionate towards yourself will actually make it easier for you to do things because beating yourself up is draining at best and ineffective typically."


 Quick tips: 

1. Pause and take 5 deep breaths (this will ground you in your body and help you disconnect from your thoughts)

2. Notice how your body feels- where is there tension? In your chest? Jaw? Eyebrows? Do a body scan

3. Remember that this is an unprecedented time, you’ve never lived through a pandemic before and it’s normal to experience exhaustion and anxiety. Normalize your experience. Tell yourself “I’m doing the best I can”

4. Talk to yourself as though you would talk to a friend. What would you say to a loved one?

5. Set boundaries with social media and news consumption. Now is the time to unfollow anyone or anything that doesn’t support your mental health. We are consuming so much information right now. It’s okay to protect your energy.

6.If you struggle with doing any of the above steps- resist the urge to beat yourself up for beating yourself up. You can start over again at any time.


How can I set a routine for myself?

"In terms of setting a routine, I would create two lists. One of things that are basic things that you can’t ignore. Things like eating, sleeping, working if you are currently employed, maybe taking your dog for a walk. Another list are things you’d like to do if you have enough energy- working out, cooking, reading, organizing a closet. As long as you are doing the first list, you are fine. If you have more energy or feel called to do the other, great. But let’s take the pressure off. It’s okay to just survive right now."

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