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How Do We Determine if Our Bag is Ready for You?

We are always striving to create the best gym bag for an unbeatable price. To get there, we don't cut any corners. Each bag is meticulously tested to make sure that when it gets to you, it will become your ultimate active-life companion.

First thing's first - we test for functionality.perfectbag2

We put our products to use to measure comfort, quality and performance. We want to be sure that we can stand behind our products 100% of the way.
Have you ever received a bag that claimed it could fit a 13" laptop and did not deliver? We sure have. We refuse to be that company. We check (and re-check) that all of the features of our bags are in full functioning order before they are put into production.

Next step - we test for durability.


There are a number of ways that these tests take place. Between testing materials, like our waterproof bases shown in the photo above, we also test for things like smell (how well our vents are performing), and weight (how much weight is full-capacity). These tests are SO IMPORTANT in helping us determine whether our bag is ready for you.

Last, but certainly not least - we make sure your bag will look amazing.


There are plenty of 'almost-perfect' bags - functional, durable, and at a great price, but completely lacking style. But - our goal is always to create the perfect bag - style included. To achieve that, we go through countless avenues of market research - between researching trends and talking to you (our customers) to see which prints and styles you will love. 
There is nothing we love more than signing off a product that has been tried, tested and proven worthy of your #EverydayHustle! Say hello to your new companion!

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