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Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Holiday Gift Guide 2018

The Holiday Season is in full swing and we are here to help you with your gift giving!

We have compiled SIX separate gift packages catered to different lifestyles. We'll give you the low-down and hopefully make your life a little bit easier this time of year.

The Travelervooraygiftguide1

For work or play, the Traveler is always on the go. The Alana Neoprene Duffel makes the perfect day bag/carry on and has all the pockets a girl could ask for (and that's saying a lot). We like to pair the Alana with our Sidekick - perfect for carrying on it's own with all of your essentials (wallet, keys, gum, chapstick, etc.) and super easy to toss back in your bag. And who can get through a long day without some kind of pick-me-up? Whether you choose a peppermint hot chocolate or a white chocolate mocha, a Starbucks tumbler & gift card are always a good choice. 

We are big fans of the current fanny pack movement and think they are the absolute best for a long day of playing tourist! Our Urban Fanny Pack is both fashionable and functional - who could ask for more?

Long plane, train or bus rides can get a little dry - which is why a good book is always a necessity. We are big fans of this particular book (Rachel Hollis, we love you.) and would recommend it to anyone needing a good read.

The Athlete


The Athlete needs a bag that can carry it all - from equipment, to shoes, to clothing, to toiletries - you name it. The Burner Sport covers all of those bases - often with room to spare. It also includes a water bottle pocket on the side that can store your favorite Healthy Human Life water bottle - perfect for keeping those beverages nice and chilled.

Some activities require a little less - those activities are perfectly paired with the Active Fanny Pack. Great for keeping all of those essential items close by!

Last but not least - don't forget the foam roller. These babies are life changing and definitely a necessity for the athlete on your list (or yourself!). 

The City Girl

vooraygiftguide3City life can be crazy. Why not make it a little easier? We are firm believers that backpacks are the new handbag, which is why we've included an Ace Backpack in this cute little package. And because you always need to switch it up - bring along our favorite Alana Neoprene Duffel, loads of space and tons of storage without all the bulk. 

We like to keep a nice scarf around to up our wardrobe game at a moment's notice. Versatile sunglasses are also a nice touch - our favorites are from Goodr, designed to stay on while you exercise - these glasses not only feel good, but look just as good as they feel!

We've already mentioned the great benefits of exploring new places with a fanny pack - but how about when you want to play tourist in your own town? The Urban Fanny Pack has got your back (or your front, however you choose to wear it). 

The Runner

vooraygiftguide4Running all the marathons or going for a jog around the neighborhood? Either way, runners need a bag to tote all the essentials and to carry their gear - our favorite being the Stride Cinch, the perfect balance of simplicity and functionality.

And for the quick run - we enjoy the Active Fanny Pack - perfectly holds your phone/keys without adding bulk! Throw on one of our Coach Caps to keep the sun/elements off of your face (we're particularly fond of the Athletic Gray).

We know you could always use some new running gear- and that's why we've included a $25 gift card to Jack Rabbit (our favorite place to grab new running swag). 

The Gym Rat


We all have the friend who would rather go to the gym than go out on a Friday night - this one is for them (and perhaps the less intense gym-goers as well). We may be biased, but we have the best bag for the gym-goer's needs. Our most popular, award-winning gym bag, the Burner Gym - fitted with a shoe pocket because stinky shoes shouldn't mix with your other gear (trust us, we know).

We are obsessed with IdealFit's IdealLean Protein Shake - delicious and nutritious, the best way to fuel your workout.

If you haven't started using resistance bands as part of your workout regime, now is a good time to mix them in! They are great for on-the-go workouts and can adjust to anyone's routine.

Last, but certainly not least - we have included our Active Fanny Pack. We love being able to throw this on during a quick lifting session. It stores a phone, chapstick, gum and earbuds comfortably! Perfect for a quick work out.

The Yogi

vooraygiftguide6Yogis unite! This package is perfect for all of the yoga loving ladies out there. We've included our amazing Aria Tote -- the perfect day bag that also functions as a gym/yoga tote. The front pocket unzips on both ends so you can easily slide in your mat.

To set the mood - we've included the Doterra Yoga Collection, because nothing says 'relaxing yoga session' without the right essential oils (dreamy, right?).

For the days that you'd rather pack small - we have included our Yoga Mat Strap -carry your mat and clip on your keys and off you go!

And because every aspiring yoga needs one thing in particular - a quality yoga mat, we've included one from one of our favorite brands - AJ Love Yoga. Her mats are inspiring and set the #selflove mood for your practice.

That's all folks! Follow along on our Instagram for a chance to win each of these packages for you and a friend! (Holiday shopping at it's finest!)

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