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Posted by Craig Sparkes on

DAY 10 is here of our 12 Days of Vooray Giveaways! Today's prize is for those who love the dim lights and loud music - sweating and climbing (on wheels) while listening to Sia. Today is for the CYCLE ENTHUSIAST. We wanted to make today ALL ABOUT THE BIKE so we have included a prize pack perfect for someone who would like to start from scratch OR upgrade their cycle game! 

We have included our BURNER GYM in Snow Hex for this package. We love this clean new print and how it can be paired with any accessory. Our Burner Gym is one of our most popular choices with its size (perfect for a quick trip to the gym), shoe pocket, and extra features like our FAVORITE magnetic handles.

These CYCLE SHOES are EVERYTHING. They come from our friends at Tiem Athletics and we are just in love. They are specifically designed for use on the bike and are the PERFECT addition to your cycle game. They come equipped with an SPD CLEAT SET so you will be ready to roll! 

If you have been to a cycle class already - you know how necessary a water bottle is. This Healthy Human Life WATER BOTTLE will keep your water cold and keep you hydrated during your class! 

We have also included a pair of CYCLE SOCKS to compliment your shoe ensemble and keep your feet cozy while on your bike.

A CYCLE SEAT is included in this package to keep your tush nice and cozy. (If you are just getting started, you will appreciate this extra cushion, TRUST US.) A sore cycle tush is no fun, so we will try to avoid that at all costs!

LAST, but not the least, is a SWEAT TOWEL. Cycling will make you sweat, a lot - a lot a lot. In fact, we never knew how much we could sweat until we started cycle classes. The towel is a key component to this equation!

Now all you need to do is hop on over to our Instagram and ENTER. This giveaway will stay open ALL DAY (December 10) and will close at 11:59 PST. US Only and must be 18 years or older to enter.

Check back here tomorrow for DAY 11 of our 12 Days of Vooray Giveaways.

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