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Carmen Morgan - It's All About the Hip Thrusts, Baby!!!


Hometown: Houston, Texas
Instagram: @mytrainercarmen

With over 500,000 followers on Instagram, Carmen Morgan is one of the most popular and effective HIIT trainers in the country. She's a certified Onnit Academy Durability Trainer as well as a kettlebell specialist. We love her approach to home workouts, and as you can see from her Instagram feed, the girl got style! 
We asked Carmen to share some insights with us about her lifestyle and what keeps her going day to day. Here's what she had to say:
What motivates you to stay so active and fit?

"Longevity in what I love to do most. I stay active because I know it will allow me to keep doing the things I love - playing with my niece, riding my bike with my mom, throwing the football around, exploring a new city, and so much more. The more active and healthy I am, the less likely I am to run into the kinds of obstacles that would prevent me from living my life the way I want to. I also happen to really freakin' love working out!!!"


If you could only do one exercise for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
"Oh man. Oh man, that is a ridiculously hard choice. Phew! Oh man, ok, so if I’m being silly, I’d say a hip thrust, because I love doing hip thrusts and they are my number one booty builder. Now if I’m being more practical, I would have to say a squat press, because that could legitimately have a decent chance of keeping me in shape, even though it’s only one exercise."

What exercise do you just hate?
"Hmmm. I honestly don’t hate any exercise. I’m not a big fan of leg press, though, especially if you’re new to working out. Most people tend to bring their knees too close to their chest thinking they’re getting a deeper approach. What mostly happens is your back curves off the pad and you place a lot of pressure on your lower back which is not good."

When you hit the gym, what do you always have in your gym bag?
"I always have to have an iPhone/headphones for music, water, a towel, some resistance bands, an ankle attachment, and gloves."

Who are some of your heroes and why?
"I really admire my brother Henry. He is a math teacher, and he gives freaking everything to that job and the kids. I was also a teacher for 5 years, and he was the one that inspired me to do it. Henry genuinely cares and wants to help, even if it means little in return. I sort of took that approach to my fitness career by always sticking by my rules to be accessible, approachable, and affordable whether I have 10K followers or 1M. Prices in this industry can be astronomical, and I think it’s important to have legit, quality options out there that aren’t so expensive."

What's your most embarrassing experience in the gym or working out?
"I don’t get easily embarrassed at the gym, put me in a crowded room & I want to hide in a corner, but a gym, I feel very comfortable & just don’t give one care about how I look, I’m just there to work, no matter how ridiculous the “booty move” I’m doing might be. Hat on, head down."

Carmen's Vooray bag of choice? The Burner Sport, Rose Navy.

You can follow Carmen on Instagram by clicking here. Also, check out her blog, My Trainer Carmen, for more tips and routines to mix things up!

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