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Behind the Design | The Lux Collection

Posted by Miranda on
Behind the Design | The Lux Collection

Q & A about our Lux Collection with Product Director, Lexi.

What makes you most excited about this collection?

I’m really excited to offer the Alana in new colors & lux material because it’s one of our most requested bag styles. This launch is especially fun because in addition to our new lux Alana, we are also releasing the Naomi tote. Our product design team has been gathering research and piecing together design ideas for this tote ever since our last tote went out of stock almost three years ago. Let’s just say this tote has been waiting a long time for it’s moment to shine!

What was your inspiration behind this collection?

As a product team, we’ve watched as the Alana 2.0 bags quickly became our best seller. We always knew a lux line was in Vooray’s future but once we saw the rise of the Alana, we knew it was time to get to work! We saw a need for a line of bags that could shine in sophistication and functionality. We’ve spent countless hours researching how to create a breathtaking collection that would effortlessly adapt to users' daily lives and comfortably support them.


What inspired you to launch this collection in April?

The Spring season itself is a mood booster and we wanted to echo that same feeling of lightness and shine (from both the sun rays and shiny streets after Spring showers) with this collection.

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