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2019 Vooray Holiday Buying Guide

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2019 Vooray Holiday Buying Guide

It can be daunting trying to decide on the perfect gift for the fitness fanatics in your life. We happen to know quite a few of them, so we get it! To help, we've put together 4 totally biased (but totally honest) recommendations for 4 different fitness personas. Let's get started!

The Gym Rat

Any Vooray bag belongs in the gym, but for the avid gym junkie, there are two duffels that are bound to please even the most hardcore gym rat.

Burner Gym Duffel in Blue


The Burner Gym Duffel has been the recipient of multiple 'Best Gym Bag' awards since its introduction in 2016. If you're looking for a Vooray staple that has no equal, look no further. The Burner features a ventilated shoe pocket, waterproof base, and tons of storage to keep essentials organized and accessible. Comes in multiple color options, including styles for men!

Vooray Iconic Duffel Black Foil

For the purists, we have our new Iconic Duffel, which packs the same punch in carrying capacity and durability, but is slightly easier on the wallet at just $39.99. This barrel design also doubles as a fantastic travel companion for those looking for extra utility from their gym bag. Comes in 6 different color options. 

The Runner

For those who prefer the open road, Vooray has designed a couple of accessories to take the runner's high to new heights.
Vooray Active Fanny Pack Rose Black
Vooray's Active Fanny Pack is a runner's dream sidekick. It's light, comfortable, and best of all, sweat resistant. A stretch-fit waistband keeps the pack in place at any pace, and a headphone port means anyone can keep a beat, with bluetooth or without. Available in multiple color options.
Vooray Pulse Running Backpack Shattered Glass
For those who prefer legs to subways, the Pulse Backpack is a gift that keeps on giving. It was designed specifically for run/bike commuters with its ergonomic fit and separated shoe pocket. It even has a hydro sleeve for water bladders! 

The Fit-Fashionista

For some, a trip to the gym is about more than just getting a good workout; it's about making a statement. They want to look good as well as feel good. We see you, fashion queens, and we have just the bags for you.

Vooray Trainer Duffel Cheetah

Meet the Trainer Duffel. It's one of the most versatile gym duffels in its class, and yet it looks nothing like your standard gym bag. This beauty conceals a separate shoe pocket, a wet-gear slot, multiple zip-enclosed pockets, and a weatherproof exterior. It comes in Guava, Black Foil, and Cheetah (featured).

Vooray Alana Neoprene Duffel Gray Moto

For the ultimate in luxury design, the Alana Duffel leads the pack. With a premium neoprene exterior, a separate shoe bag and detachable accessories pouch, this duffel turned tote is a bag ahead of its time. It comes with more carrying capacity than the Trainer, and it truly masks the gym look. It's the only bag you'll need to meet any of your daily needs. Preferred in Gray or Black Moto.


The Sports Star

Vooray Burner Sport Duffel Rose Black

Be it soccer, basketball, volleyball, or anything else that involves a team and a ball, the Burner Sport Duffel was designed to get an athlete's essentials to and from the big game in style. Not only does it include all the assets of its little sister, the Burner Gym, but it also comes with a separate laundry/shoe bag and nearly 10 additional liters of carrying capacity. She's a beast!

Vooray Flex Cinch Backpack Guava

For those that pack a little lighter to practice, we'd highly recommend our new Flex Cinch Backpack. It's a drawstring backpack on steroids with a water-resistant base, re-enforced exterior, and a larger-than-normal carrying capacity. It's easy to see why this cinch bag has quickly become a fan favorite in the Vooray community.

Still have questions as to what to get for your fitness friends? Drop us an inquiry in the comments, and one of our experts will get back to you asap with some unbiased Vooray wisdom. Happy Shopping!

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