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The Burner is Here


Your game is anything but ordinary. Mediocrity, average, and 'on par' have never been your MO. Why shouldn't your sports gear echo your desire to stand out from the competition?

For the past 6 months, our design teams have been perfecting 2016's most versatile sports bag - the Burner. The bags unique, sleek design and audacious style speak for themselves. What makes the Burner unique are the details in the fabric.

The duffel features magnetic handles, a tough-skinned, water-resistant base, multiple mesh and zip pockets to organize water bottles, equipment, and personal effects, and a separated shoe pocket with air grommets to maximize ventilation. The bag also includes a nylon laundry bag and an adjustable shoulder strap.

The Burner was designed to carry basketballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs with your game shoes. It's extended zip track allows you to open the bag even wider, allowing you to fit and find your gear with greater ease. It truly is the athlete's ideal companion.

Set the tone before the game begins, and carry it with you after the game ends. Find your Burner today.

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