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Vooray's Minimalist Wallets - A Journey of Epically Tiny Proportions


In an era where simplification has become the quest for every product in every industry, the design team at Vooray set out to create something paramount to the feats of such brands as Tesla, Apple, and Squatty Potty. The result? Some really cool wallets.

While the concept of minimalist wallets is nothing new, we noticed that many of the existing volumes in the book of simplified card carriers were rather bland. They lacked that "Vooray Spice" which had been so well received in the brand's headwear and duffel collections.


Our goal was to create three unique designs that appealed to different users. Let us introduce you to the team:

The Women's LC Zip
Designing a small wallet for the ladies was no easy task, but we feel that this 1st edition sleek, stylish pocket purse has everything a girl needs for a simplified money organizer, including 10 separate card holders, two cash/note slots, an ID pocket, and a snap-shut coin pocket. And it all fits in the palm of your hand.


The Slyder
This hip hybrid is a great choice for those of us who haven't quite reduced our lives to plastic. While the Slyder still features two separated card slots on the front and a lone transparent ID pocket on the back, it also provides a middle slot for cash, receipts, and that stick of gum that you're still warming up for the big game.

The Flex
Here lies minimalism in its purest form. As folks who are constantly on the go and generally opposed to "butt bulge" from overfilled wallets, the Flex has to be one of our favorite Vooray designs to date. With a rigid frame, the Flex features one pocket for your ID (and that stick of gum), and a second stretch-fit pocket that holds up to 6 cards, though we've stressed tested it with as many as 10 cards before approaching "butt bulge" limits. It is the truest minimalist wallet of the pack.


So, you slim-pocketed, style-savvy revolutionists....which will it be? Where will you entrust your financial burdens? And how long will you wait before realizing that whatever caresses your cash at the present moment just became a secondary citizen to the most simplistically beautiful wallet that ever graced the kitchen counter? We hope not long.

Actively Yours,

The VooCrew

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