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    Holiday Gift Guide 2018

    Holiday Gift Guide 2018

    The Holiday Season is in full swing and we are here to help you with your gift giving!

    We have compiled SIX separate gift packages catered to different lifestyles. We'll give you the low-down and hopefully make your life a little bit easier this time of year.

    The Travelervooraygiftguide1

    For work or play, the Traveler is always on the go. The Alana Neoprene Duffel makes the perfect day bag/carry on and has all the pockets a girl could ask for (and that's saying a lot). We like to pair the Alana with our Sidekick - perfect for carrying on it's own with all of your essentials (wallet, keys, gum, chapstick, etc.) and super easy to toss back in your bag. And who can get through a long day without some kind of pick-me-up? Whether you choose a peppermint hot chocolate or a white chocolate mocha, a Starbucks tumbler & gift card are always a good choice. 

    We are big fans of the current fanny pack movement and think they are the absolute best for a long day of playing tourist! Our Urban Fanny Pack is both fashionable and functional - who could ask for more?

    Long plane, train or bus rides can get a little dry - which is why a good book is always a necessity. We are big fans of this particular book (Rachel Hollis, we love you.) and would recommend it to anyone needing a good read.

    The Athlete


    The Athlete needs a bag that can carry it all - from equipment, to shoes, to clothing, to toiletries - you name it. The Burner Sport covers all of those bases - often with room to spare. It also includes a water bottle pocket on the side that can store your favorite Healthy Human Life water bottle - perfect for keeping those beverages nice and chilled.

    Some activities require a little less - those activities are perfectly paired with the Active Fanny Pack. Great for keeping all of those essential items close by!

    Last but not least - don't forget the foam roller. These babies are life changing and definitely a necessity for the athlete on your list (or yourself!). 

    The City Girl

    vooraygiftguide3City life can be crazy. Why not make it a little easier? We are firm believers that backpacks are the new handbag, which is why we've included an Ace Backpack in this cute little package. And because you always need to switch it up - bring along our favorite Alana Neoprene Duffel, loads of space and tons of storage without all the bulk. 

    We like to keep a nice scarf around to up our wardrobe game at a moment's notice. Versatile sunglasses are also a nice touch - our favorites are from Goodr, designed to stay on while you exercise - these glasses not only feel good, but look just as good as they feel!

    We've already mentioned the great benefits of exploring new places with a fanny pack - but how about when you want to play tourist in your own town? The Urban Fanny Pack has got your back (or your front, however you choose to wear it). 

    The Runner

    vooraygiftguide4Running all the marathons or going for a jog around the neighborhood? Either way, runners need a bag to tote all the essentials and to carry their gear - our favorite being the Stride Cinch, the perfect balance of simplicity and functionality.

    And for the quick run - we enjoy the Active Fanny Pack - perfectly holds your phone/keys without adding bulk! Throw on one of our Coach Caps to keep the sun/elements off of your face (we're particularly fond of the Athletic Gray).

    We know you could always use some new running gear- and that's why we've included a $25 gift card to Jack Rabbit (our favorite place to grab new running swag). 

    The Gym Rat


    We all have the friend who would rather go to the gym than go out on a Friday night - this one is for them (and perhaps the less intense gym-goers as well). We may be biased, but we have the best bag for the gym-goer's needs. Our most popular, award-winning gym bag, the Burner Gym - fitted with a shoe pocket because stinky shoes shouldn't mix with your other gear (trust us, we know).

    We are obsessed with IdealFit's IdealLean Protein Shake - delicious and nutritious, the best way to fuel your workout.

    If you haven't started using resistance bands as part of your workout regime, now is a good time to mix them in! They are great for on-the-go workouts and can adjust to anyone's routine.

    Last, but certainly not least - we have included our Active Fanny Pack. We love being able to throw this on during a quick lifting session. It stores a phone, chapstick, gum and earbuds comfortably! Perfect for a quick work out.

    The Yogi

    vooraygiftguide6Yogis unite! This package is perfect for all of the yoga loving ladies out there. We've included our amazing Aria Tote -- the perfect day bag that also functions as a gym/yoga tote. The front pocket unzips on both ends so you can easily slide in your mat.

    To set the mood - we've included the Doterra Yoga Collection, because nothing says 'relaxing yoga session' without the right essential oils (dreamy, right?).

    For the days that you'd rather pack small - we have included our Yoga Mat Strap -carry your mat and clip on your keys and off you go!

    And because every aspiring yoga needs one thing in particular - a quality yoga mat, we've included one from one of our favorite brands - AJ Love Yoga. Her mats are inspiring and set the #selflove mood for your practice.

    That's all folks! Follow along on our Instagram for a chance to win each of these packages for you and a friend! (Holiday shopping at it's finest!)

    Chari Hawkins - 2020 Olympics Hopeful

    Chari Hawkins - 2020 Olympics Hopeful

    Do you ever watch the Olympics and wonder 'What does it take to get on their level?' We sure do. When we met Chari Hawkins, 2020 Olympics hopeful, we had a million questions. She was kind enough to give us the scoop - which we now share with you! We are impressed with all of her hard work and tenacity and can't wait to see her through her journey to the Olympics. Enjoy!

    VR: What were your favorite things to do growing up?

    Chari: I have always been into make-believe. I played with barbies until I was in seventh grade (maybe eighth can’t remember 😉) and would act out every movie in the bathroom mirror. I’ve also always been into sports. I grew up playing basketball, volleyball, and competed in gymnastics and cheer-leading.

    VR: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

    Chari: I’ve always wanted to be a movie star, but when I was young I used to tell people that I was going to be an anesthesiologist or brain surgeon.

    VR: When did you get started in track?

    Chari: I started doing track in seventh grade, and to be honest, I only did it because my friends were all doing it (thanks peer pressure!) I only did the high jump and long jump, and started doing the hurdles in ninth grade. I didn’t start the Heptathlon until I was in college, mostly because before that I had no idea what it was!

    VR: What inspired you and kept you motivated?

    Chari: Potential. Whether it be the potential to get college paid for, the potential for getting a better score, or the potential to make a world or Olympic team, I’ve always let future opportunities become goals and really pushed myself to let them become realities and fulfill my own potential.

    VR: When did you decide to set your sights on the Olympics?

    Chari: I think I did so in 2016. I had a really unfortunate experience that I felt really hindered my ability to make the Team. I knew it was something I wanted to accomplish, and so I really set my sights to make the team in 2020. It definitely takes a lot of hard work earlier but it’s making me see that you don’t have to be better than everyone else to make the Olympic team, you just have to have a specific goal and show patience and trust in the process to achieve it.

    VR: How do you prepare to compete in the Olympics?

    Chari: With such an enormous event, it’s so important to prepare mentally as well as physically. Mental training is something that a lot of people don’t take enough advantage of. But something that will change the game itself.

    VR: How is the competition as a heptathlete?

    Chari: I have to say it is absolutely draining. Every single time you do an event you get a little bit more exhausted. You have to warm up, cool down, warm up, cool down, several different times. It’s so tiring. But with so many different things to focus on, it is also such a thrilling event. There is never a dull moment, and it is so much fun!

    VR: What is Olympic training like? (When do you start, how many hours per day, etc.)

    Chari: My long days we'll go about five hours, and my short days we’ll go about two. Play practices will start around 10 AM and will finish mid afternoon. Play training is so much more than just practice. Every morning and night, I will do my rehabilitation and core strength. My supplements need to be taken twice a day, and everything I eat should be regulated and carefully calculated so that I’m getting enough calories and nutrients and good stuff in my diet to thrive and be successful!

    VR: Is there a specific diet that you need to go on when prepping for the Olympics?

    Chari: When it comes to diet, the only thing I really need to do is make sure that I am getting enough calories, protein, carbs, etc. I just want my body to be healthy and have enough energy to make it through my grueling practices.

    VR: What are some of your best tips/tricks you use to help you keep in shape and ready for the Olympics?

    Chari: Consistency is the best trick for anything sports-wise. Whether it be training for the Olympics, or training to be healthy. Working out and doing the “little things” all the time every day consistently will mean the difference between seeing the results you desire and hoping to see the results you desire.

    Meet the Alana

    Meet the Alana

    The long-awaited Alana is here and we are SO EXCITED to share it with you! Our most luxurious bag to date, packed from head to toe with features that we love in a smooth neoprene exterior - we know you will adore it just as much as we do.


    The exterior boasts a hidden phone pocket to keep your phone close enough for easy access in it's own tucked-away quarters. And yes, to those who are wondering, this pocket will indeed fit an iPhone Plus (necessary). 

    Each Alana also includes a clipped in mesh accessory pouch to store all the valuables that you would like to keep from swimming in your bag. We've been there, the lost lip gloss and hand sanitizer from yonder years are no more with this sweet addition! 


    With the extended zipper, getting things in and out (and cleaned up) are simple, and the storage size, though compact, at 20L is remarkably spacious (for all the Mary Poppins out there). 

    The exterior is also home to four large pockets - whether those will house snacks, water bottles, chocolate bars, etc. is completely up to you! (We prefer a cold water and a some pistachios, but this is a judgment free zone.)


    All packed up and ready to go? Throw your Alana over your shoulder using the included shoulder strap, or clip in the sides for a more compact, handbag look. Need a new look? Switch it up the next day! 

    Shop our Alana Collection.

    How was Vooray Born?

    How was Vooray Born?

    One question we get asked frequently is how our story began. Like most stories, ours has been a journey. We began specializing in clothing, specifically tees and hats - but it never really felt like the right 'fit' (no pun intended). Early in 2015 we had an epiphany. We had a need for a new gym bag, so we set out on a quest.


    If someone had told us at that point that we would eventually specialize in fitness bags and accessories, we would have laughed! But what our search helped us realize was that there was a HUGE gap in the market. There were several "premium" athletic bags with outrageous price points.


    The bags were okay quality and they were well designed, but we could not get over their expensive price tag. So we continued our search, looking at bags that were more affordable. What we found was not much better.


    The quality of the 'affordable' bags was poor, and the designs/styles were not much better. We realized that if we really wanted to find the perfect gym bag - we were going to have to create it ourselves.


    In the Fall of 2015 we released our first line of bags, the Roadie Gym Duffel & Trepic Weekender. They immediately became our top selling products and our main focus. We had filled a void that had been empty for so long and there was so much more that we could do. We eventually stopped making clothing altogether so we could throw all of our energy into our bags. 


    From our original two lines, we have added dozens of new bags to our assortment, and we have plans to launch several more new lines this year. We've developed such a passion for performance and design, and we can't wait to show you all what we've been working on for the past year! Stay tuned! The next lines drop in less than a month!

    How Do We Determine if Our Bag is Ready for You?

    We are always striving to create the best gym bag for an unbeatable price. To get there, we don't cut any corners. Each bag is meticulously tested to make sure that when it gets to you, it will become your ultimate active-life companion.

    First thing's first - we test for functionality.perfectbag2

    We put our products to use to measure comfort, quality and performance. We want to be sure that we can stand behind our products 100% of the way.
    Have you ever received a bag that claimed it could fit a 13" laptop and did not deliver? We sure have. We refuse to be that company. We check (and re-check) that all of the features of our bags are in full functioning order before they are put into production.

    Next step - we test for durability.


    There are a number of ways that these tests take place. Between testing materials, like our waterproof bases shown in the photo above, we also test for things like smell (how well our vents are performing), and weight (how much weight is full-capacity). These tests are SO IMPORTANT in helping us determine whether our bag is ready for you.

    Last, but certainly not least - we make sure your bag will look amazing.


    There are plenty of 'almost-perfect' bags - functional, durable, and at a great price, but completely lacking style. But - our goal is always to create the perfect bag - style included. To achieve that, we go through countless avenues of market research - between researching trends and talking to you (our customers) to see which prints and styles you will love. 
    There is nothing we love more than signing off a product that has been tried, tested and proven worthy of your #EverydayHustle! Say hello to your new companion!